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Esme Beauty is a vegan, cruelty-free, clean, and simple makeup brand. We make it our mission to give your skin a break while still having you look flawless! Our products can be used to create a soft, feminine glow - to deep, bold, and vibrant makeup looks. With buildable powder and liquid products, soft and creamy glosses, and intense color options, Esme Beauty offers high-quality products without the sacrifice of your budget. 

Esme Beauty: Beauty Is You was created starting with a single thought. "How can other women be impacted along their self-love journey?" The founder of Esme Beauty always wanted a beauty line and found this was the perfect opportunity to channel her love for women into a brand everyone can see and enjoy! Pouring years of time into research, Esme Beauty formulated the best and safe ingredients for your skin. Originally, our products were handmade, but due to the growing demand, we can proudly say we now manufacture our products. From growing through word of mouth at women events without a website, to a website and partnerships with several churches, the founder of Esme Beauty is forever grateful for the wonderful people who gave her dream a chance ♥️ 

Esme Beauty's mission

Esme Beauty: Beauty Is You is a brand created to inspire and uplift women. Our mission is to bring love and encouragement to women. Our message is to show you that beauty is you. Whether you wear a little, a lot, or no makeup at all, you are beautiful in your skin! And our products are here to enhance your already wonderful features. 

        It is the founder's passion to spread love to other women, seeing that many - herself included - struggled with positive self-image and self-love. She is hoping to be a light and mentor through her makeup products hence our motto, "beauty is you." Wherever you go, we hope to convey that through our products and we want to let you know that beauty is you

why us

Esme Beauty is a small business that wants to lessen the impact of the beauty standards set on women. We want women to be comfortable loving who they are and what they look like. Everyone is unique, with a beautifully different set of features, and Esme Beauty recognizes that.

With much love, 

Esmeralda Roman

Founder, Esme Beauty

Officially launched: June 1st of 2024


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